North Jersey Auto Show
Trunk or Treat Edition: October 30, 2022

The Restored Rusty Relics is happy to announce a new show while we work on May 2023, held jointly with the Cresskill American Legion. On October 30, 2022, we will have a “Trunk or Treat” show for up to 225 cars. We’ll most likely open registration later this month. The venue will have actual bathrooms, food, and music, but not a flea market/swap meet.

Next year’s May show date should be posted in January 2023


In 2019, the North Jersey Auto Show, presented by the Restored Rusty Relics, reached 440 show cars and over 50 vendors (see our writeup of the 2019 show). The 2021 show was impacted by morning rain. We still had the trophy parade, a decent number of spectators, over 30 vendors, and hot food from breakfast to lunch; and we had no problem clearing the field on time.

The show will run from 10 am to 3 pm. “Trunk or Treat” for kids will run from 12 to 2. (If you are showing a car, please bring some candy for the kids! —optional). Unlike our regular May shows, this will be open to vehicles of all ages.

Trophies will be given based on factors such as unique features, condition, restoration or ownership stories, rarity, etc. Winners cannot be owned by Restored Rusty Relics members; and we try not to select winners from the past two North Jersey Auto Shows.

Expected “Trunk or Treat”  Show Sponsors

2020-2022 Trivia Contest Sponsors

The Trunk or Treat show is not restricted to classic cars. Motorcycles, trucks, imports, and emergency vehicles are welcome, as are newer cars. We will have trivia contests and music; and selected vehicles get class trophies. Photos are mainly from the 2021 North Jersey Auto Show at Bergen Community College.



We have free pre-registration for 1927 and older cars (this is only for pre-registration).

The cost for showing a classic car, truck, or motorcycle on the day of the show is $25 ($20 when pre-registered). All pre-registered show cars will get dash plaques (day of show plaques are “while supplies last.”) Pre-registration ends October 22. After that we will have a late on-line registration, up to October 8, for $22; late registration does not guarantee a dash plaque or come with pre-filled window cards.

Year (4 digits, eg 1964)
Your car (eg Dodge Dart)

Reminder: there is no flea market for this event! Proceeds benefit local charities and keep the show going.

Mailing list

Get show updates with the mailing list: If you sign up, we will let you know when pre-registration opens each year and send a reminder just before it closes. We only send around four to seven messages per year, and we don’t share or sell addresses. (We no longer have a physical mailing list, so this is the only way for us to reach you.)

Are you intending to use a flea market space in May (are you a vendor?)
Email format
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Car show rules

Trophy parade

We are still working out whether to do a trophy parade.

Show chairs: Jacques Senise and Dave Ivaldi

The North Jersey Auto Show is presented by the Restored Rusty Relics Antique Automobile Club, now in its 52nd year, and the American Legion Camp Merritt Post, Cresskill.

Who pre-registered?

This list will be updated roughly once a week once registration opens.


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